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As you’ve seen we are developing the arms of our brand at the moment with new clothing, which you can find in our shop on this website. An actual WEBSITE to find everything TSRP.

We have been toying with the idea of making a music journal of pieces of writing, with reviews, feature articles & announcements. They are something which the industry & genre is iconic for. Therefore we felt that now we have a website it would be stupid not to make sure we have a blog to go alongside it.

Not only is it cool that we’ve finally got a blog so you can see how horrifically Joe & I write but also it has given us the option to expand the TSRP Family. So we want to give an incredibly warm welcome to the team Frank Taylor, an incredible journalist which has joined the team to help us write some blog posts & to be able to give them a platform for getting their amazing work out there! Their first post for us is coming out FRIDAY, make sure to show it some love because it is an absolute belter.

We still want to expand the team & bring in some more journalists into the collective which we are trying to build. So if you love writing about the indie/alternative then give us a shout & we’ll try work you into our team of writers. Email us

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