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Wigan based Stanleys burst onto the scene in early 2020 with indie world "A Better Life". What appeared to be an indie rock classic on the surface, evolved into just that and more - with emotional story telling lyrics that are unparalleled by any other young band writing this sort of music.

This was followed up soon after with another belter - "Measured in Gold" - that cemented their status as one of the most exciting bands around.

Then covid hit, and nothing... until now. After a 15 month hiatus, Stanleys are back and it is well worth the wait.

We have been given an exclusive listen to the first track off of Stanley's debut EP, called Look Back.

The tune begins with jangly guitar Riggs, reminiscent of some old school 70's rock tunes that sing with their guitars. A steady rock drum beat brings back the familiarity before the vocals kick in. Tom's vocals have always been a strong point of Stanley's first singles, but we see him use his voice differently here. He shows his range by singing with effortless talent, very much reminding me of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - with soaring, continuous vocals over intricate guitar and drum sections.

Moving away from the typical catch chorus, the song builds almost as one big chorus, building steadily throughout until you realise just how loud and powerful it has gotten. As always, Stanleys elevate the quality with superb lyricism. A song about escape - a feeling we are all now far too comfortable with.

The ambition and quality within this track makes me confident that this debut EP is going to be truly special. If you have never listened to Stanley's or haven't since 2020, now is the time to jump back in.

Steam "Look Back" on all major platforms tomorrow. Follow @stanleysband and @thesrpodcast - love you all x

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