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Single Review: Jack Britten - All in My Mind

Jack Britten is one of the UK’s most exciting Bedroom Pop artists under-the-radar right now. And has released his latest track, All in My Mind. Up until recently, Jack had been releasing up-beat indie-electro-pop.

His latest track strips back what fans of his music would be used to, working heavily in his favour. This melodic piano ballad allows the listener to be taken on a journey, appreciating the craft and lyrics in equal measure.

All in My Mind has influences of Britten’s Raw Sessions available on his YouTube Channel.

His recently released music video greater enhances the journey. Incorporating his skilful directing, Britten makes you focus on the music. Allowing the video to be a vessel for greater lyric interpretation.

Alongside skilful directing, and masterful musicianship, his powerful voice goes to another level – using the most of his vocal range.

Since discovering Jack Britten through Instagram, I am glad to share his music with you. I hope you find his music as good as I do!

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