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Single Review: Episode by Kid Ryan

Bittersweet indie-pop is the best way to describe kid ryan’s latest release (yes, it is all lower-case). The upcoming singer-songwriter has been releasing music for a just under a year (at the time of writing). After the death of his father inspired him turn to the internet to express his feelings, fans have been enjoying his work. After having released debut single, and subsequent EP, Flame Princess – ryan has produced another great piece. With each song he’s produced being radio-ready, it is only a matter of time until he has a number one.

Mark my words.

“episode” is testament to that, with ear-tingling melodies, beautiful falsetto, and artfully crafted lyrics. With the lyrics having a blatant theme of romance, but a possible influence to lockdown (with the references to not wanting to be alone). I’m sure you’ll have a different interpretation when you listen to it – and that’s what I love about it!

Despite having over 33k followers on Instagram, I had the privilege of discovering kid ryan through Twitter. One thing I know for sure is that when kid ryan is being played on international radio, with a nation-wide tour, remember that Nicholas J Barlow from TSRP Blog sent you.

“episode” came out 23rd April 2021.

Listen to “episode”:

Follow kid ryan:

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