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Single Review: Blocka - Therryi Jay feat Stxv

The Lady of Lewisham, Therryi Jay is an artist who can echo so many people we love so much! Having started her music career 3 years ago, after having a lengthy and impressive career in PR and Journalism (now embodied by Thetris PR), Therryi is only getting better!

In her recent release, with rap producer Stxv, she has managed to produce a tune which I have had on-repeat since hearing it but has an evident meaning. ‘Blocka’ has themes of lockdown, deceipt, and life choices.

In her discography, Therryi has managed to channel many icons of the industry, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and many more. With the beat, once you hear it – you will fall in love with it – subtle yet powerful.

After coming across Therryi through radio show ‘New Music Live from Studio 5’ on Hope Radio, I know I will be looking forward to what is to come!

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