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Single Review: Bilk - Bad News

Bilk are a trio of musicians creating a unique blend of Punk and indie rock from the suburbs of Essex. Composed of Luke Hare, Sol Abrahams and Harry Gray there ‘say it as it is’ music gets to the point and is a staple in any indie music fans playlist.

Their latest single 'bad news' has everything needed for a perfectly blended indie punk rock sound, their lyrics aren't fancy but that is the beauty of the song and band as a whole, it allows their punk influences to come through. The simple and a slightly stripped back verse allows the vocals to not get lost behind the heavy guitar and create a great juxtaposition to their chorus which is all guns blazing. The chorus hook 'I don't care if she's bad news' is definitely one to get stuck in your head, a line that the whole crowd can get behind at a gig.

Another quality track from the masterminds of Bilk, and many more to come.

Their next proposed appearance will be in the Netherlands at MistyFields Festival 2021.

You can find Bilk's latest relase amongst other tracks on all major music streaming services.

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