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I wanted to write a little blog just explaining out little collection, to give a little more depth to my creative influences to you lot reading but also so I can read this back in years to come. If you haven't seen we've recently released a new collection which includes; Stickers, Prints & A New Tee.

The T-shirts & Prints are heavily inspired by Indiana Jones, if you couldn't tell. We wanted it to represent how we see the industry & what we think is the best part about it. That is the excitement of finding these "Hidden Gems". The map on the back of the T-Shirt & on the Print is a hand drawn map which we got done by a freelancer to show some of the best hidden gems at the moment. We wanted to make it imaginary & almost fantasy with this treasure island which is covered with the specific landmarks all linked to bands which we want to show off to the public. What better way to show off some of the best bands which go under the radar? Stick it on the back of something which people wear everyday & especially with it coming up to summer we

thought a t-shirt would completely fit the bill.

The Stickers are something which we've been toying with for a long while & what better place to start than our now incredibly recognisable cigarette packet logo. You see it everywhere, our socials, website, clothing, videos, the studio wall! All over the gaff so now you'll catch it on the back of someones laptop or stuck to the bottom of a skate board. It can literally go anywhere & its cool. Well I think so.

Each colour has its own meaning in the TSRP realm & the RED one will be our next big announcement, so keep your eyes peeled because I genuinely believe that it will be the best thing we ever do as a brand. It will be announced in the next few weeks, on all of our socials, Website & our mailing list so jump on that.

Now I know this has been a bit of waffle but now you know where our head space was when we were designing it.

Thank you so much to all of the bands involved & if you haven't checked out all of these bands individually then I suggest you do ASAP.

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if you've read this far & want to support us by buying the new collection then use the

CODE : TSRPBLOGS for 10% off the collection.

love you all,

Peace xoxo

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