Album Review: Portable Radio Self titled EP

Portable radio, a trio of Lads from Manchester have released their latest self titled Album.

The band originally came together as Mof Phil and Bob who wanted to create music and bring a bit of happiness to the world during a horrible time.

Featuring 11 songs, the album which has been in the making for a few years, was released in March and has already been a hit with fans.

Their songs have a blend of Beach Boys and more recent indie influences which are perfectly balanced as well as slight nuances and nods towards bands such as 10CC and the Beatles

The album as a whole gives off summertime sunshine vibes, picture yourself in your back garden with family and an ice cold drink in your hands.

Darling hold on, possibly my favourite track of the Album gives off slight Tame Impala sounds with the heavy vocal effects and prancing piano chords. Its definitely one to add to the favourites playlist.

Mof said that his favourite song is 'Kick Me Out, its unusual that all members of a band can sing and its a little different having 2 guys dueting taking a verse each and all 3 harmonising

However every song has one little line that people may miss that is an absolute zinger of a line'

You can find Portable Radios latest album on most streaming services and purchase their vinyl direct from them.

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