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Album Review - Nice Try by Cool Wall

Dustin Robert Price, known by 'Cool Wall' who is a guitarist and songwriter based in London, released his latest EP in mid May 21 and has been a constant on my Spotify list.

'Nice Try' which is composed of 4 songs has a beautiful folk overtone and some of the best fingerwork I've heard for a long time. The songs are very mellow and slow, a great EP to wind down to with a cup of tea.

"These songs are born from an attempt of simplicity … they are from a place on intimacy and reflection" @coo1wa11 - Instagram

Bestman Bowtie has got to be my personal favourite on the EP, the music washes over you perfectly and the additional hints of slide guitar perfectly match the feel of this song. The song is powerful and heartfelt, not one to miss.

Overall the piece is immaculately produced and definitely one for fans of luke Di-Sciscio

And Early Bob Dylan.

All of Cool Walls releases are available on major streaming platforms.

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