We are TSRP. A platform to discover and support the very best artists coming through the indie scene.


 Our focus is a filmed podcast, providing an insightful, funny and pub chat conversation with all of your favourite artists... and maybe a couple you haven't heard of yet.


Up and coming artists are full of personality, creativity and energy that the mainstream media simply isn't capturing. So that's where we come in.

If you love Alternative/Indie music, or pub chat, informal podcasts then this is the place for you.

Joe Edwards

Elliott Farrar


This is Elliott, he's the taller one.

Host of the podcast, designer of the clothing & Producer of the content.

Anything interesting or creative, it was probably him.


This is Joe, Host 2 of the podcast. As Social media manager, any contact you have with us was probably him. Essentially makes it happen because Elliott has no organisational skills.

What We Do?


Essentially we focus on creating a podcast and radio show to help push forward the best up & coming bands in the alternative/indie industry.

We create content...

all of it.

Podcast - Yes

Radio Show - Yes

Playlist - Yes

Gigs - Yes

Vlogs - Coming Soon

Live Sessions - Coming Soon

Clothing - YES

No upcoming events at the moment

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