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  • Town Takeover Northampton 2023
    Town Takeover Northampton 2023
    Start 2pm - Collect Wristbands from 12
    Start 2pm - Collect Wristbands from 12
    Northampton, Northampton, UK
    The best & biggest indie music festival this town has ever seen is BACK. After a sell out event last year filled with quality music, great venues & the most chaotic after party the town has ever seen... it would be rude not to do it again. Three venues, 20+ artists, one massive day of music.

TSRP Limited

We are TSRP. A platform to discover and support the very best artists coming through the indie scene.


 We have three main focuses:






We are bringing the best up and coming artists to the forefront of the scene using our informal, pub chat style podcast, incredible live events and top range clothing capsules. 

Join us and discover your next favourite artist. 


Elliott Farrar


This is Elliott, he's the taller one.

Host of the podcast, designer of the clothing & Producer of the content.

Anything interesting or creative, it was probably him.


Joe Edwards


This is Joe, Host 2 of the podcast. As Social media manager, any contact you have with us was probably him. Essentially makes it happen because Elliott has no organisational skills.


Our podcast is the beginning of TSRP Limited. We have made three seasons of over 75 episodes, intervieiwng over 50 guests and creating ALOT of hours of content. 

Our informal and pub chat style gets the very best form the personality fo these incredible up and coming artists. 

Make sure to go back through he catalogue and subscribe/follow to keep up with the best music podcast in the world. 



A major part of our company is clothing. 

We are passionate about taking 'merch' and making it top range clothing capsules that will have limited drops throughout the year. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next major drop soon. 


Putting on events has become the lifeblood of us here at TSRP. 

Live gigs are the best way to experience music and we have become passionate about putting on the best events for up and coming artists in the country. 


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